Giving Back Week 1

For the remaining months of December, we are picking one charity a week to donate 25% of off the website to local charity. This week, we are donating 25% of all purchases to our local community homeless shelter. Pacific Gardens Missions in located in the Chicago metropolitan area and has served its community for 140 years.  They continue to help the homeless by providing food, shelter, and clothing as well as women and children programs. They are a positive light to these individuals my husband and lived next two for the two years we lived in the Pilsen off Halsted and the expressway.  Many individuals lived under the expressway and would ask for help. Sometimes we were able to help them and a couple of times they were very helpful to us.  When we had our first child and needed to relocate, my husband had to handle moving all by himself.  We rented a house and my husband had his shop in the basement.  Before we knew it the moving POD was filled as were the garbage cans and 12pm, meaning we were going to have to pay for another day of rent if our stuff was not moved out.  My husband walked across the street to see if there were any goods that those living there wanted. And just like that a few men followed my husband and helped take everything we could not move. They saved us time and money and we were happy that they had things like a mattress, clothes and items to keep them warm as the fall was changing to winter. There was another time by husbands motorcycle died and they helped him push it to the gas station.  It always bothered us we were not in a better financial situation to be more helpful and that is why we would like to donate 25% of all purchases this week to Pacific Gardens Missions. They are able to do what we cannot.  They are also one of the few programs willing to take in mentally ill patients.  When I used to do ER work in various hospitals across the Chicagoland area, they were the only organization that I never had to remove from my list of resources.  With the lack of government fund since the 1980s to support the mental health community, many individuals who were receiving care and lost it, became homeless.  This organization supports the many faces we see in Pilsen and Bridgeport where our work shop resides.  We are happy we are a company that supports other local businesses but we also want to support our community members as well.