Giving Back Week 2

This week we will be donating to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  Today the temperature reads 19 F degrees.  As cyclists we are bummed because it is getting hard to ride with ice, windburn, and salt getting everywhere.  However, I can't imagine being hungry at the same time while having to fight this cold.  So this Giving Back Week, we are donating 25% of all purchases saddles, seats, and accessories to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  No one should have to be hungry ever.  We will also be focused on reducing the food we need to throw out. The average American throws out $500 in wasted food each year.  This is all kinds of wrong and a needless strain on our environment.  So we will not just we composting, but also using recipes to use leftover food from Two Healthy Kitchens: big fan of the pestos ad cakes.

Stay Warm Everyone!