Our flagship saddle, the "Honest Abe" is constructed of naturally treated leather. It is available in a natural and dark finish. It’s structure is machined from copper-plated high carbon steel. The saddle’s finish will weather naturally with use the same way a loved penny develops its character.




At American Seat and Saddle, we believe in quality products and purity in material and form. For these reasons, our flagship model the "Honest Abe" is a simple unadorned union of natural leather and steel.


Who We Are...


Influenced by turn of the century craftsmanship, American Seat and Saddle Co. handcrafts leather bicycle saddles. We use locally sourced and naturally treated leather and assemble them by hand on our copper-plated high carbon steel frame. The saddle’s finish will weather naturally and even vary in color based on climate. This saddle is tough enough to last for many years. Saddles are unisex and break into the unique contours of each rider - for a saddle that will be undeniably yours. Other colors and patinas are also offered to provide a custom look. We are proud to produce an all Chicagomade Saddle.



Our mission is to create 100% American Made Products using locally sourced natural materials. By purchasing local materials, hiring local employees, and manufacturing locally we hope to constantly support American craftsmanship, artisans, and local businesses. We are proudly 100% American Made in our hometown, Chicago, IL.